Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tees Maar Khan

Saw TMK today.

As you might have read/seen in reviews already, the film is politically incorrect, loud, insensitive to gay people (and albinos), has bad acting (who expected that a film with Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in the lead could have remotely decent acting?), has a tremendously stupid story.

When I first read the reviews I thought the critics were just having their revenge for Farah-Sajid calling them retards some time back. Of course, having seen the film now, I can say that that's not the case.

But even if one overlooks the issues mentioned above, the biggest flaw in the film, which I never thought I would have to blame a Farah Khan movie for, is that IT IS JUST PLAIN BORING.

And very embarrassingly so. Some of the shallow attempts at humour would not have found place in even one of those murderous comedy shows on TV.

Maybe it was a bad idea to have her husband handle every other department, instead of collaborating with slightly more tested experts. At the end of the film, during the Happy Ending song, it becomes very evident how many hats he wore.

Also, maybe Farah
Khan lost more by not working with SRK than he did. As a reviewer in Mint's review points out, this film depicts in painful detail how utterly without talent Akshay Kumar is. To give him some due, his dialogues are too childish in the film to really give him anything to work with.

Save yourself a lot of time. Read the story in a newspaper and watch the songs on YouTube. That's all there is to this film.

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