Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life Support

A friend of mine from engineering went into coma today after a head injury in an accident. Made me think again of something I last thought while watching Guzaarish.

Have mentioned this to some of my friends, but they consider this just another emotional ramble of mine (which I am quite notorious for) after having a few pegs.

But, very seriously (and I am not drunk as I need to be up early tomorrow for a flight), I need to put this in writing somewhere. And this feels like a good enough place, since some of my friends read this. I hope so.

If ever I am in a coma for more than a few days (few being less than 7) or, worse still, have turned into a vegetable that can see, but not do much else - like Ethan in Guazaarish or the horrifying condition of Jean-Dominique Bauby in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - you will do me a huge favor by letting me die. Please pull the plug. I will be very happy and grateful.

Also, I don't know how laws work in this, but please give all my money and assets to my mother. Except for my books (my only possession I really care about), which I would like to be shared between a couple of my friends. I have bothered them when alive the most, and consider this as some compensation. Unless they don't want it. In which case, please give them to my school in Jharkhand, where I did most of my schooling from. If even they don't want it (shucks), donate it to my parents' favorite charity. If they don't want it either, just burn them.

Not my parents. The books.

Ok. Done.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I love George Carlin

You know, if you have been remotely regular at quizzes over the last 2-3 years, you would have encountered the odd George Carlin question. He passed away in June 2008, and it has made many people like me, who hadn't really heard of him earlier, discover him afresh, through his regained popularity at quizzes.

I had seen short clips of his performances on YouTube, but I am watching his full length stage performance for the first time.

He is not funny. I generally don't find stand-up comics of the American kind funny. For instance, I can't understand why Seinfeld was so successful. The only one I enjoy watching is the Canadian Russell Peters. So, I was getting bored in the initial few minutes.

But gradually and surely, I was won over by his opinions. A man who makes fun of religion, young kids, parenting, dead people, parents, all within half an hour of his more than an hour long performance is a good person.

Right now, he is talking about how he has very low tolerance for most people beyond a few minutes because of their stupid bullshit. Nothing resonates more with me.

I hate it when people complain that I don't pay attention to them or don't laugh at their jokes. I have a great sense of humor. The problem, darling, is that your jokes are not funny enough. You are just loud. And tacky. Not funny.

(I just felt like Karan Johar using the darling word there)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I just had a very very surreal moment while watching a film.

I settled down a short while back on my couch to watch a film after watching the news, during which I had a couple of cans of beer and a packet of potato chips (The Lay's India's Magic Masala is really quite good).

I began watching Another Year, the phenomenal film by Mike Leigh, from where I left it last time and the scene I started watching from has an old lonely man having a couple of beers and gulping down some chips on a train.

Shite. But surreal.

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